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سایت رسمی شرکت توسعه بازرگانی اخوان جم

About : Akhavan Group

افتخارات شرکت اخوان جم

For 50 years Akhavan has been able to obtain numerous international and domestic awards and certificates for quality durable goods and white goods appliences .

Akhavan industrial factory was founded by Mr. Moshen Akhavan Jam in 1969. Production started with sheet metal processing, and later in the early 1980's kitchen sink became the main product of the company.

With the development of a sophisticated Research & development department, and accredited testing labs, Akhavan began to introduce other range of products such as Gas cookers, kitchen hoods, ovens & water-taps to its manufacturing line

Mohsen Akhavan Jam is the founder of Akhavan Jam Industrial group

Innovation, design and consumer satisfaction have always been on the top of Mr. Mohsen Akhavan Jam's agenda in the company. He strongly believes in investing in the latest technology and knowledge to constantly enhancing the quality of the current products, and introducing highly competitive and technologically advanced new products to the market.


  • شیرآلات اخوان
  • گاز صفحه ایی اخوان
  • سینک اخوان
  • هود اخوان
  • گاز فردار اخوان
  • فرتوکار اخوان

Although mostly concentrating on Kitchen Taps, to satisfy the needs of the market, Akhavan does also provide water taps of high quality for other household application.

With perhaps one of the largest selections of gas hobs in the world, Akhavan has been very competitive with any European hobs and has been able to obtain the consumers trust for the highest quality, and most contemporary design.

Akhavan with over 40 years of experience in sink production, one of the largest investors in sink manufacturing world wide, and 100's of models and designs has been dominating the Iranian sink market, and experiencing much success in exports.

Creativity and innovation in design and high consumer satisfaction have been the greatest contributors to Akhavan's success in hood manufacturing. With its advanced technology Akhavan has been able to work freely with glass and stainless steel to satisfy almost any kitchen decors.

Using the latest technology, most modern design and a great selection Akhavan's energy efficient free standing gas cookers, meet the highest expectations of the Iranian consumers.

With the co-operation of some European manufacturers Akhavan has been able to adapt the most technologically advanced systems for Built-in-ovens with energy efficiency of grade A. The high selection of gas operated ovens and electricity operated ovens with many innovative designs provide the consumers the overwhelmingly best selection of ovens in Iran