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کارخانه صنعتی اخوان جم
History of Akhavan Jam Industrial factory

Akhavan industrial factory was founded by Mr. Moshen Akhavan Jam in 1969. Production started with sheet metal processing, and later in the early 1980's kitchen sink became the main product of the company. With the development of a sophisticated Research & development department, and accredited testing labs, Akhavan began to introduce other range of products such as Gas cookers, kitchen hoods, ovens & water-taps to its manufacturing line.

Located in the suburb of Tehran and engaging over 700 strong workforce, the overwhelming production site is using the latest European technology of highly advanced hydraulic and mechanical presses, fully automated robotic systems, and precision laser technology to meet the high expectations of Mr. Akhavan in quality, standards and innovation. In addition, Akhavan is highly committed to customer satisfaction and a very professional after-sales department.